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Replacing waste transfer notes with mobile technology


The Project

UK leader in environmental solutions engages Kayo Digital to provide solution to aid eco waste management

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Veolia is the UK leader in environmental waste solutions and have rolled out a solution provided by Kayo Digital to replace paper with mobile technology for waste transfer notes.

Veolia now intend to expand the roll-out of the system to all other eco waste contracts that they manage nationally.

What we did

From Paper to digital

Veolia needed a digital system which replaced paper used by their eco waste lorry drivers to a more up to date system involving mobile devices. The aim has been to improve efficiency, improve accuracy and take advantage of the benefits offered by modern technologies.

Now, Veolia drivers working on eco waste for Northumbrian Water, used Ruggedized Android handsets and NFC / RFID technologies to record and report waste transfers.

Future proof technology

Cloud hosted mobile application

Kayo  Digital provided a cloud application hosted using Microsoft Azure which Veolia now use to manage their drivers, Waste Transfer Notes, pickup point and drop off point. All waste transfer notes are mostly completed by scanning RFID tags at each location, they are checked in real time, and there is no longer any lost or damaged paperwork. Times and GPS co-ordinates are recorded. Individual waste transfers are reported on and alarms are raised when weight limits are reached. See more about our mobile app development services based in Kent.

The complete package

Mobile App with Rugged Mobile Devices

Kayo Digital not only developed the cloud application, but also the Android APP which uses GPS, NFC, Signature capture and photographs.

In addition to the software and Mobile APP development, Kayo arranges hosting and backup using Microsoft Azure’s platform. And finally, we supplied IP67 Ruggedised Android handsets, Vodafone airtime and NFC/RFID tags.

Tonnes of waste processed a month
loads a month
Vehicles being tracked
Solving complex digital problems other agencies can't handle.

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