National Energy Action

How to … use maps to raise awareness

National Energy Action's vision is to end fuel poverty. The charity works across England, Wales and Northern Ireland to ensure that everyone can afford to live in a warm, safe and healthy home.


With heating and electric bills snowballing and fuel poverty rising throughout the UK, National Energy Action (NEA) sought to support those in need, raising awareness of people’s positions and highlighting the issue nationally and to local government.

The website was created to educate users, but there needed to be more dynamic functionality to drive visitors to the website. NEA wanted to create an interactive map to help inform users of the situation of fuel poverty throughout the UK.

NEA approached Kayo Digital to help make an interactive map a reality.

Our solution

Alongside NEA, we created a fuel poverty map showing fuel poverty in England's constituencies and comparing national average levels and contact details for the MP.

The map had a Call to Action to encourage users to write to their local MP to say that this situation needs to change. Supporting NEA’s vision of ending fuel poverty.

Results so far


Engaged visitors on the fuel poverty map


People finding information related to their contingency

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