Crucible Law

A modern approach for an old profession

Crucible Law opened their (virtual) doors in November 2020, the first new barrister chambers in London for decades. They were united in wanting to add 21st century tools to their business model and approached Kayo Digital to develop their new branding and website.


Business results we’ve achieved so far...


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One of the significant challenges of creating a new brand is establishing brand awareness and recognition the marketplace

Building a brand from scratch requires extensive efforts to differentiate it from existing competitors and capture the target audience's attention. It involves overcoming the lack of brand familiarity and trust, as consumers may be hesitant to switch from established brands they are already familiar with.

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Our solution to this brief was by starting with...

By conducting research towards what our client's, clients' wanted and by by utilizing various online tools, search engines, and databases to gather and analyze relevant data, we created comprehensive insights to define what Crucible Law needed.

What we found

Research highlighted differing usage patterns of visitors; private clients were more likely to search the site for legal specialisms whereas legal peers were tending towards a people search. Both these approaches were modelled and built, people pages highlighting the selected barrister’s specialisms and the specialism pages listing those members with relevant experience. 

As I have said to all of you at one time or another now, you are a first-class act. EVERYONE is impressed with the website, branding, the works, especially as you did it in 9 weeks! Thanks, genuinely, for everything

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