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Plane & Simple

A new online DIY marketplace built for homeowners

Plane & Simple, a new online DIY marketplace, connects DIYers with local independent merchants, shining a light on businesses that might not be on a customer’s radar.


With the knowledge that 40% of online shoppers prefer to shop on marketplaces and that shoppers are five times more likely to search for a product on a marketplace than on a brand’s website, Plane & Simple wanted to create a new online marketplace.

Revolutionizing and reimagining the DIY and building materials purchase process. Giving local merchants the ability to compete with nationwide brands.


From our initial research into Plane & Simple’s proposition and their final goal, we learnt that no off-the-shelf marketplace was available that accommodate their business model. Leading to a fully bespoke tool being created.

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The project was split into phases, with the first phase being an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) which had to integrate with Stripe and digital experience tools to track and monitor how the website will be used, helping with additional innovations and enhancements.


To give the best experience for Plane & Simple’s users, the UI (user interface) has continued to be tested and improved, helping maintain its digital revolution.

We are excited to continue to work with Plane & Simple supporting them as their digital partner.

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