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Flexible content management system & website for Utilitas Solutions

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Utilitas Solutions helps clients to minimise essential expenditure and reduce the cost of doing business. They have an impressive track-record of delivering significant savings through smarter and more effective procurement and work with a variety of clients across different sectors and industries.

Kayo Digital have been a great company to work with, we were very pleased with all the help that they gave us in re-designing our old, tired website. They have always been on hand to offer assistance and advice, and we have found the Rocket platform a really user-friendly tool for updating the site in-house. 

Laura Hayward, Operations Manager - Utilitas Solutions

Bespoke content management system

Cross linked content with custom modules

Using our Rocket CMS platform, we structured a set of easily editable case studies and news articles which are cross linked automatically on the website based on sector and category allocations. 

Sounds complicated?  Put simply it means Utilitas can add an article and mark it as relevant to certain categories (Water, Energy, etc) and sectors (Education, Agriculture ,etc).

Bespoke lead generation tools

Utilities savings calculator

As for most brochure type websites, a key factor for success is to generate more enquiries.  

Using a simple algorithm, we developed a utilities saving calculator which is applied across the site alongside key areas which leverages the interest of the user browsing the site and provides them with an initial idea of the savings potential which can be applied to their business by working with Utilitas.

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