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The Mighty Roar

Creating a bespoke look with a “Mighty Roar”

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The Mighty Roar is an award-winning organization offering affordable volunteer programs across the globe. These programs vary from teaching in Cambodia to releasing Turtles in Costa Rica and everything in between.

They have helped many volunteers to not only achieve their own personal goals but to have an impact on the conservation of the planet.

The problem

The driver for their new site was not a good one. The previous site was a WordPress build, unfortunately several vulnerabilities in the platform were exploited seeing the site initially taken down, then blacklisted by the search engines due to compromised content. Our client was keen to move away from WordPress and was delighted when we demonstrated our internal Rocket system.

It would be a missed opportunity at this stage not to completely evaluate the positives of the current site and search out the opportunities for improvement, no longer dealing with the restrictions of an off-the-shelf system, opportunities we were not going to miss.

We started with a blank sheet of paper. The content architecture and user interface was completely redesigned, the biggest factor here was the multiple paths a visitor could take to reach the same information. One visitor may want to visit a particular part of the world and then choose a way to benefit that community from there, another visitor may have a clear idea of the project they want to commit to and decide on location afterward.

Understanding the multiple paths a customer journey can take is too often overlooked by agencies, we believe in research and data that inform the design process and offers tangible and measurable results to our clients.

The result

Wonderful feedback and a happy client are the initial feedback. Based on this we are making some small design amendments where these and our data show room for improvement, we never rest on our laurels!

It is still early since the release but both discoverability and engagement figures are extremely positive and we will continue to monitor and improve, a website is never truly finished.

Built on Rocket

Using Rocket allowed us free range in this process, we were not looking for plugins to solve problems (plugins which can contain vulnerabilities), instead we control every line of code, every interaction and with this are able to create solutions without compromise.

Rocket is now our base that we will use as we move forward with The Mighty Roar, our next project is to look at a new booking system and we have discussed the opportunities for a mobile app as a guide for their volunteers whilst on the programs, all of this can be controlled by our central Rocket system. Read more about the best mobile app development Kent has to offer.


The stats

The website has had 30% more people staying on the website, when compared to the year before, and a 50% increase in the pages viewed by a user. And most importantly to us a happy client!

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