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Since its foundation in 1978, Nicholas Hall has grown to become a leading international specialist in OTC consumer healthcare. Through its wide network of partners and contacts, as well as its unrivalled expertise, it provides data and analysis, competitive intelligence and strategic consultancy to clients including Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and GSK.

In addition, Nicholas Hall runs global OTC healthcare events including conferences and workshops, which are well recognised and attended throughout the world by industry experts. It also produces a range of insightful and expert publications. 

Kayo Digital has been our saviour. After the failure of our previous hosting company, Kayo Digital picked up the pieces and rebuilt our website and database from the ground up.

Not only this, the team there has also developed a bespoke system to improve and integrate our service offering, allowing us to deliver even better customer service and drive business growth.

We’ve been particularly impressed by how responsive and knowledgeable the team is. The ability to just pick up the phone and get a fast response is hard to find elsewhere. We feel in very safe hands and look forward to continuing to work with the team at Kayo Digital to further redevelop and improve our technology and websites.

Mark Lammas, Nicholas Hall Group

The challenge

With such a wide range of service offerings, as well as a huge database of content and intelligence, Nicholas Hall needed to take a new approach to customer experience, allowing users to access all its services through one system.

The organisation had grown steadily over the past 40 years, resulting in a patchwork of technology processes and systems. As such, customers were required to have multiple logins for different elements of Nicholas Hall’s offering.

To further complicate matters, just as the team at Nicholas Hall was planning to upgrade, integrate and streamline its systems, including multiple websites, disaster struck. Its technology partner ceased trading, leaving the team in a difficult position, with its sites and client-facing services at risk of failure. 

The Kayo Digital Approach

The team at Kayo Digital was called in to help and was able to quickly recover Nicholas Hall’s sites and databases, ensuring any downtime was kept to an absolute minimum, without it impacting on Nicholas Hall’s customers.

Once the initial recovery was complete, Kayo Digital set to work redeveloping and updating legacy systems and software, unravelling and improving a maze of technology built up over many years. This included a full re-code, a rebuild of critical back office systems, and a complete website redesign.

At the same time, it developed a bespoke CMS and ecommerce  websites and system to enable better and more streamlined client access to market data and intelligence, and allow easier event bookings, as well as the purchase of reports and publications. 

The result

Nicholas Hall has a faster, more responsive site, which offers a much improved customer experience. Users can now access a variety of subscription services using a single login.

In addition, internal processes have been enhanced; where it used to take over a week to produce data sets for clients, it now takes mere days, giving Nicholas Hall a competitive advantage.

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