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Kayo Digital provides evidence-based and results-driven PPC services. Focusing on generating a return on your ad spend. If you’re looking for an actionable plan to improve your search engine visibility, we’re your ideal digital partner to see real results.

About PPC

PPC (pay-per-click advertising) is a form of paid advertising helping you rank higher in search engine results for your most desired terms. Our PPC experts are on hand to create a strong, innovative strategy that not only drives people to your website but ensures they convert. 

How we provide this service

One of the fastest ways to generate leads to your website is by utilising paid advertising. You are entirely in control of what you bid for, adapting and adjusting your budget and targets to achieve your desired return on investment.

We’re committed to adding value to your business; our paid advertising specialists carefully craft PPC strategies to ensure your ads reach a profitable audience, making sure your ads only appear to the most qualified searchers within your target audience. 

Working collaboratively to ensure we understand your tone, values, and standards; this way, we can optimise your ads to meet the demographics and specifications of your target audience.

Why choose Kayo Digital?

Working together as your digital partner, our team of experts is on hand to find data-driven solutions to help you reach your business goals.


We make data lead choices and suggestions to help bolster your business.


As your digital partner, we support you through our consultancy services.


We help you create and use a digital strategy designed just for you and your business.

Content Marketing - Step by Step

Discovery Day

No business is the same; we take the time to get to know you, understand who you want to speak to, the information you want to provide and the overall goal. 

From this, we can put together a bespoke strategy to support your strategy. 


  • Your purpose - What’s the purpose of ad campaigns? This is the key. By pinpointing this information, we can offer accurate suggestions that will help support your vision. 
  • Your vision -Understanding the visionary picture of your business helps us help you. Who is your target audience? what will make them buy into your message? What do you want to achieve? These are vital. 
  • Your values - Much like your purpose and vision, we need to understand your values. This helps us put together a picture of your tone and the online persona of your business. 
  • Your tone - Your website content needs to reflect your business and its goals. By understanding your tone, we can accurately represent you through the content your users consume. 

Brand DNA Document

By putting together a concise summary of your business’s values, beliefs and brand attributes, we can understand your presence, personality and goals.

This helps us put together a seamless strategy that helps bolster your business.

PPC Strategy & Plan

After getting to know you, we put together a strategic plan. Analysing the data, we look at trending topics, keywords, and other key information to find opportunities to produce content that adds value to your business.  Working towards a profitable cost per acquisition

From the data and research we receive we're able to curate an effective campaign. Helping you to make an ROI and for us to create a campaign that grows and develops.


We’re data-driven. Using the numbers, we can see exactly how successful our efforts have been. Using reports and other key data, we can gauge how well our strategy is working.  

The idea is that the strategy supports you, and this can optimise, develop and improve your advertising efforts to ensure you’re ranking for the right terms.  

Ongoing Retainer

It doesn’t stop there. We offer an ongoing retainer of work, so we can help you stick to our foolproof content strategies. 

Our team will work with you to produce regular, optimized advertisements to ensure you’re hitting your targets, budget and remaining in front of a relevant audience for a return of investment.  

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