Digital Marketing Audit

Our digital marketing audit specialists are on hand to deliver first-rate advice, suggestions and strategy based on data and analysis of your performance and where you aim to be.

About our digital marketing audit

Our digital marketing audit comprehensively reviews a company's digital marketing efforts, processes, and results. 

How we provide this service

We work with you to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of your current marketing strategies, the website itself and identify areas of improvement. Giving you recommendations for optimising and a priority list.

We’re committed to adding value to your business. This is why our marketing services cover support in a wide range of specialist areas, as we support you as a reliable digital partner. 

Take advantage of our digital marketing audit to help understand your business, our team of experts will carefully analyse your current performance across a range of channels and provide innovative suggestions to help bolster your business. 

We will look at the following areas and determine where improvements can be made: 

  • Competitor analysis.
  • Audience targeting. 
  • SEO performance. 
  • PPC performance. 
  • Social media performance. 
  • Strategic recommendations. 

Find out how we can help you and receive a complimentary 1-hour one-to-one consultation by using the contact form or giving us a call.

Why choose Kayo Digital?

We rely on strategic insights that underpin success, and with this approach, we take the guesswork and egos out of decisions. Helping our clients thrive. Working together as your digital partner, our team of experts is on hand to find data-driven solutions to help you reach your business goals.


We make data lead choices and suggestions to help bolster your business.


As your digital partner, we support you through our consultancy services.


We help you create and use a digital strategy designed just for you and your business.

Digital Marketing Audit - What is included

Competitor analysis.

Competitor analysis is the systematic evaluation of competitors' strengths, weaknesses, and strategies to inform and enhance one's own business strategy.

Audience targeting. 

The strategic process of promoting products or services to a target audience through various channels to achieve business objectives and generate customer engagement.

SEO performance. 

A website audit is a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of a website's performance, structure, content, and user experience to identify areas of improvement and optimize its overall effectiveness.


PPC performance. 

A PPC audit is an in-depth examination of a pay-per-click advertising campaign to assess its performance, relevance, and effectiveness in achieving the desired goals, aiming to optimize and maximize the return on investment.

Social media performance. 

A social media audit is a systematic analysis of a brand's social media presence, content strategy, audience engagement, and performance metrics to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.

Strategic recommendations. 

Following our audit, we prioritise what needs to change to improve your digital footprint.

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