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Google 3D Swirl Ads management and creation

As registered Google Partners, we have the expertise and knowledge to support you to ensure you get in front of a valuable and profitable audience.

Google 3D Swirl Ads 

3D Swirl is a new ad format using a fully interactive display format, allowing you to showcase your products as a 3D model for an immersive online shopping experience. It delivers high impact on brand awareness and purchase intent via an innovative 3D experience.

Brands can use a 3D Ad Swirl to tell stories about their products, helping to fully represent their brand and produce in the most effective way, giving you the closest to a physical in-store experience online shopping can offer.

The benefits of Google 3D Swirl Ads and using an agency:

  •  Increased engagement

This new format helps to attract your target audience and potential customers to engage with your ad thanks to its unique interactive experience while giving them complete control to explore and get to know your products.

  • Immersive shopping experience

This gives your audience and customers a fully immersive shopping experience. With a ‘zoomable’ 3D view of your products and produce that you can scroll, flip, spin at the touch of your screen. This gives brands and companies the opportunity to create a rich immersive story to showcase their products as realistically as possible.

  • In-depth analytical insights

We can track engagements and responses as closely as your regular PPC ads, offering a more detailed analysis, measuring time, rotations, expansions, and taps to see which parts of the ad is generating the most interest directly in Display & Video 360. Ultimately allowing you to develop your business strategy, utilizing data for your organisational growth. 

We test and refine

Using online paid advertising services can seem daunting, but our team has the experience and expertise to create a strong strategy that will utilize your budget and bring value to your organisation. Whilst we are looking to grow and improve the campaign.
Our team of experts strategically uses research and data analysis to ensure we help you reach your business goals, and drive growth.

How do I get in touch with your paid advertising and Google 3D Swirl Ad experts?

If you’re looking for new and innovative ways to advertise your PPC ads, Kayo Digital can help you make the most of Google Advertising by utilizing Google 3D Swirl Ads. To contact our creative team, call us on 01795 255 600 or fill in our contact form to discuss your business needs today.

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