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Experts in crafting high-functioning online platforms for food and beverage companies

We build websites for food and drinks companies

By delving deep into market insights, we guarantee a smooth voyage for your clientele, delivering prompt support exactly when needed. Collaborating with food and drink companies, we've orchestrated intricate journeys, spotlighting a diverse menu of offerings and expertly navigating users with complex needs with finesse.

Helping your customers in style

In the realm of food and beverage, online platforms serve as sprawling feasts, requiring interfaces that effortlessly steer users through a bounty of details. We're adept at standing out amidst the competition, curating digital experiences that tantalize and exceed expectations.

Our work process

Understand & Research

Getting to know your firm and objectives, whilst providing market research, interviewing your clients and a better competitor understanding.


Creating something that helps you and your clients. Bringing your idea to life.


Changing and developing for the better, more complex and advanced state. To help meet your ambitions.

"During the Coronavirus outbreak, I saw that our trade foodservice business was dropping off a cliff with restaurants closing and seeing the panic buying that was happening at the supermarkets I wanted to sell my products online to help and prevent loss of jobs. I contacted Kayo with the request fully expecting them to tell me it would take a month but they were very quick to respond and within a week we had the website up. We tested it and made changes and were very happy - we had transformed our business! Since going live they have continued to be extremely helpful. We are not a tech company and so not used to the level of volume hitting the site and some queries that come with that. Ongoing they are fast to respond and tweak things to give better solutions to the site and the customers. Without Kayo's support we would not have been able to keep the site open and all our staff employed."

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