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Posted 5 years ago by Richard Pilton

What is a technical agency?

Previously, the types of agencies used to be quite simple. You would have for example recruitment agencies, advertising agencies, temping agencies. These more traditional agencies had types that accurately described what they did so things were simple, obvious and didn’t really require a great deal of explanation.

Fast forward to the modern world and we have web design agencies, web marketing agencies, software development, mobile apps, SEO services, SEM, social media advertising & e-commerce… The list is quite extensive.

Don't you mean digital agency?

As a result, terms start coming out that help to group these services together. The best known one would be “Digital Agency”. Companies that fly this banner tend to focus on the services that are front of house. Usually starting with Website Design and anything facing forwards. Like SEO, blogs, e-commerce, internet advertising. They tend to focus primarily on your online outward facing image and measure themselves by the increase in new enquiries.

Notice I chose the term “Enquiries” there, as even though most of them will have something to do with your customer’s initial experience, depending on your business, once the initial enquiry or product purchase is done, a digital agency considers there work done.

Where does a technical agency fit?

Now we move on to a “Technical agency”. Like a lot of agencies, services tend to overlap. A technical agency’s services do include Website Design but now includes anything facing backwards. Like order processing, customer relationship management, databases, stock control, shipping, accounting, systems integration. They tend to focus more on the operational scalability, quality of service and the ongoing relationship between you and your customer.

It is quite obvious to see what the strengths and weaknesses of each type of agency are, but it is all about context in the end. If you can get a good Digital Agency and a good Technical Agency that work together well, you could find that getting customers, servicing them, keeping them and driving growth to be considerably easier.

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Richard is a director of Kayo Digital and has a passion for the software industry. With over fifteen years experience in the industry, Richard has accumulated a wide range of technical knowledge and skills working for companies including Shell, Investors in People and G4S.

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