• Justin Wanstall
  • 27 Jul 2022

What GA4 events should an eCommerce website have

A classic “How long is a piece of string” question because it’s about what you need to track. 

Some information that can be tracked may not apply to you and your business/charity. Google has a list of recommended events; see below, which is extensive. We have also included some of our own. 

We always recommend you consider the below, a majority comes from Google's recommendations, but you may have intricacies associated with your website that you may want to track. That has not been included in the table below.

Trigger when
login a user log in
purchase a user completes a purchase
refund a user receives a refund
search a user searches your content
select_content a user selects content
share a user shares content
sign_up a user signs up to measure the popularity of each sign-up method
tutorial_begin a user begins a tutorial
tutorial_complete a user completes a tutorial
add_payment_info a user submits their payment information
add_shipping_info a user submits their shipping information
add_to_cart a user adds items to the cart
add_to_wishlist a user adds items to a wishlist
begin_checkout a user begins the checkout
generate_lead a user submits a form or a request for information
purchase a user completes a purchase
refund a user receives a refund
remove_from_cart a user removes items from a cart
select_item a user selects an item from a list
select_promotion a user selects a promotion
view_cart a user views their cart
view_item a user views an item
view_item_list a user sees a list of items/offerings
view_promotion a user sees a promotion
Loyalty_sign_up A user signs up to a loyalty scheme
404 A page isn’t found
Website_translated A user translates the page to a new language

If you would like to learn more about what events you can track, or you would like help setting up events to make sure your web efforts are being monitored, please contact a Kayo Digital team member.

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