• Richard Pilton
  • 02 Aug 2019

The death of the salesman

Businesses today are operating in a climate of ever-increasing customer expectations. No matter the industry or company size, from multinational enterprises to home-grown start-ups, consumers now expect (and often demand) a seamless brand experience, Amazon-like delivery times and personalisation across all channels.


For the majority of businesses, your website will be the first meaningful interaction a potential customer has with your brand. Even if you do not have any kind of e-commerce function through your site, customers will expect all businesses to have a comprehensive site, and they will make both conscious and unconscious judgements about a company based on its website.

In an increasingly crowded marketplace, standing out from the competition is hard. People are bombarded with messages and offers every minute, through a vast array of channels. You need to be where people are looking, but in order to do this, you need to understand who your customers are and the best ways to reach them.

The traditional salesman of days gone by is no more. That approach simply won’t cut it in a digital world. However, your website is a hugely powerful tool to help build brand awareness and drive business grow.

Our new white paper report, ‘the rise of the smart site’ explores how your website can be your most effective business development tool. You can download it below, and we’ll also be serialising top insights from it in a series of blogs over the coming weeks. 

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