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  • Alicia Lloyd
  • 19 Dec 2022

Technology predictions for Father Christmas

With technology vastly adapting every day, there are far simpler and more effective ways to help Father Christmas organise himself during the festive season.

From AI technology to drone delivery, the options to help St. Nick with a more efficient run-up to Christmas is endless.

Here are our technology suggestions that Father Christmas shouldn’t live without in the 21st century.

Sleigh ride or drone delivery?

Could the big Christmas Eve delivery even be done with an army of drones? I’m looking at you, Amazon.

Yes, Father Christmas has his sleigh, and he’s always managed to get presents under trees with ease. But the help of drone technology could make this even easier, dropping presents off quickly so he can move on to the next town, city, or country while they finish the delivery.

And let’s be honest, it’ll stop the temptation of overeating mince pies, cookies and brandy or milk for Father Christmas.

What could help him to get into the post-holiday clothes quicker.

How it’s made: Elves to assembly lines

Could the Elves be put out of work? Having started with the elves hand-making each gift, to adopting assembly lines for extra assistance, it’s no secret that robots and other machinery are capable of putting together an array of items much faster, not to mention the tedious task of hand-wrapping each present.

Therefore, it’s not hard to believe that Father Christmas himself would not take on these technologies for a more effectively run business in the lead-up to Christmas.

 Alexa and other AI applications

Ask Santa and other applications helping to reinforce the power Father Christmas has over the behaviour of children over the festive season. In fact, Alexa and other AI applications are helping the children of the world check in with the big man himself.

It takes quite some effort to convince today’s kids, especially when many are introduced to tablets, phones, and YouTube from an early age. With the help of VR applications, you can help prove Father Christmas’s existence and improve our Christmas spirit.

And if we’re to believe the likes of Hollywood hits such as Elf, Santa’s sleigh is powered by belief, and he could use all the help he can get.

Tracking the main event

With many parents eager to get home (and probably get the final bits of wrapping done for the morning), ‘NORAD Track Santa’ has become a tradition for many in recent years. Helping to increase excitement about his impending visit, you can track where in the world Father Christmas is and if he’s heading in your direction.

If Father Christmas plans to stick to delivering the presents himself, these tracking applications are sure to help encourage him to keep on track and meet his deadlines.

There are many new technologies that can help Father Christmas work both modern and efficiently while still keeping the festive spirit alive. Only one question, what do we leave out for the drones instead of carrots? 

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