• Richard Pilton
  • 03 Jul 2022

Did you know Google is offering a free £7k a month grant to charities?

We are offering charities a chance to secure our support in setting up a Google Ads Grant account for free – helping them obtain <£7000 of Google grant money a month.

Google’s Ads Grant program provides a platform for charities to advertise within Google’s search results. You can learn more, or apply yourself, here: https://www.google.com/grants/

The Google grant and advertising platform help expand charities’ digital footprint online. Supporting charities as they do more in the world.

We want to help a charity, that currently does not have the grant, set up a Google Ads account on their behalf and advise them entirely pro-bono. As well as promote the grant to charities that may not have one.

Richard Pilton, Managing Director of Kayo Digital, said: “The Google Grant is a terrific opportunity and one that charities are not aware they can take advantage of.

“The team are known for their charitable work, and they wanted to make sure charities at least knew of the Google Ads Grants.

“Charities do untold amounts of good, and the grant is something that all could benefit from, and we hope to be able to support a number of charities collect the grant”.

You can find out more about the Google Ads Grant here and nominate a charity you feel is deserving of a grant by filling in our form: https://forms.gle/vJFZCdrXY8LccBcr8.

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