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  • Alicia Lloyd
  • 22 Aug 2023

Curiosity killed the cat, but Elon got to the bird: Twitter’s rebrand to X


As Elon Musk has got to work wiping out the remaining blue bird branding across Twitter, it marks the end of an era.  

Twitter.com redirects to X.com, and as well as appearing as "X" in the Apple and Google app stores, it appears the full re-brand is here to stay. This shift marks a significant departure from the platform's familiar image, prompting users and marketers alike to ponder the motivations and implications behind this bold move. 

In this article, we're exploring how moving from the iconic blue bird logo to the enigmatic black X comes with challenges and considerations. While rebranding can bring freshness and innovation, it poses risks and difficulties. Here are some of the challenges Twitter might face in this transition: 

  1. User Resistance and Confusion: Twitter's blue bird logo is deeply ingrained in users' minds as a symbol of the platform. It’s what we know to be Twitter. Changing to the black X might lead to user confusion and resistance. Users could need help recognising the new logo, which might impact engagement and the user experience. 
  2. Loss of Brand Recognition: A significant risk is that the new black X might not be as immediately recognisable as the Twitter brand. Potentially impacting Twitter's ability to maintain consistent brand recognition across platforms, including adding the new logo to websites, profiles, and widgets.  
  3. Communication: What does X mean, and why is the huge brand change? Twitter would need to effectively communicate the reasons behind the logo change to its user base. Failing to convey the rationale and benefits of the new logo could lead to misunderstandings and negative perceptions, with people worrying they’re now supporting or using a platform with negative connotations. 
  4. Rebuilding Trust: Drastic changes can sometimes lead to concerns about the company's stability or direction. Twitter might need to address potential concerns and rebuild trust if users interpret the logo change as a sign of underlying issues. Open conversations surrounding this have already started o the platform, with Elon Musk himself chipping in.  
  5. Consistency Across Platforms: Ensuring consistent implementation of the new logo across all platforms, including third-party apps and services, can be challenging. Inconsistencies could further confuse users, particularly those less tech-savvy. 
  6. Long-Term Viability: The new logo's symbolic value and relevance should be carefully evaluated over the long term. Will the black X continue to resonate with users as design trends evolve, or will it become dated? 
  7. Losing long-term users: It’s no secret that beyond the branding, Elon Musk has made some controversial decisions that may deter people from continuing to use the platform, including charging for tools such as TweetDeck (which was previously free) and appearing to delay clicking through to websites he doesn’t ‘like’. This is bound to sit sour with businesses. 

Should you start making changes on your website?

Absolutely. This brand change doesn’t look to be going anywhere, so you need to make sure you’re on the ball; update your website, in-store signs, social media banners, staff email signatures, and other promotional material associated with your brand and the old blue bird logo. Ensuring you’re up to date proves you’re active and aware of any market changes and developments.  

How? X has now updated its brand toolkit resource with the new branding, which makes this change much easier for you with a quick download for you to upload.

In navigating these challenges, Twitter should focus on transparent communication, user feedback, and a well-executed transition plan. A successful rebranding effort would address these challenges and demonstrate Twitter's commitment to innovation, evolution, and user engagement. 

Need help? Whether you’re improving your website or simply trying to bolster your marketing efforts, we can help. Get in touch by filling in this form today. 


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