• Richard Pilton
  • 03 Apr 2019

Are you ready for new technology?

Before embarking on any digital technology or web design project, we encourage clients to ask the following questions:

1. Do you understand your own business?

How well do you understand your processes, operating procedures, current technology and skill sets? Do you have a clear vision of how any new digital technology will impact all these areas?

2. Do you understand your customers?

Who are your customers? How do they interact with you? How often? What would encourage them to purchase more from you? What is the user journey like and how could it be improved?

3. What are you trying to achieve?

What does success look like? How will digital technology help you to achieve this? Do you have objectives mapped out? How will you measure the success of any technology you implement?

Once these questions have been answered, businesses can look at the right kind of digital technology for them. Discover how by downloading our whitepaper here.

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