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Nothing is too much! I can talk to who I need to and they will explain things in a suitable way! Response time is always fast as well.

Jessica Smith, Marketing Manager

The scenario

They came to Kayo Digital wanting a digital footprint that reflects a more modern and aspirational company. As well as something that helps them effectively speak to their customers and separates themselves from their competitors.

The website was created to reflect the users’ desires and through consumer research and testing, one thing became clear, unlike a normal website, the contact us area was the focal point of the website. If people went to Swale Heating’s website, they wanted answers quick.

In a competitive market where old brand names and TV advertising have monopolised the industry’s marketing, we found a gap in the market. Competitor analysis and keyword research led us to find that people needed answers answered, and the biggest brands were not fulfilling this search intent.

40% increase
People coming to news content
20% increase
Websites users using the contact us page

The solution

With this knowledge, we created the contact us page as a visitor portal. The number of options was not overwhelming, but there are enough of them to pinpoint exactly what the visitor might be looking for.

We also included guides and content that had been heavily researched to understand how competitive it is to appear in search results and how valuable it would be to the company.  

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