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PPC Management specialists based in Kent

Kayo Digital provides evidence-based and results-driven PPC services. Focusing on generating a return on your ad spend. If you’re looking for an actionable plan to improve your search engine visibility, we can help.

 Google Partners and Bing trained

We manage and support several clients with their paid advertising needs and as recognised Google Partners, we have the experience and expertise to run paid campaigns over multiple search engines.

Our work focuses on making sure you make a return on ad spend.

 Innovative solutions to paid advertising

It is key to any business plan to create a strong, innovative, strategy that not only drives people to your website, but ensures that this audience is valuable, generating work enquires.

PPC is one of the fastest ways to generate leads through your website. By utilizing PPC you can actively control your budget and targeting to achieve the required return of investment to be profitable.

We target by the audience and optimize our ads through demographics, locations, devices and more. Ensuring the ads are focused on the profitable audience. This ensures your ads are showing to only the most qualified searchers within your target audience, bringing value to your investments. 

What's included within our strategy  

SEO includes several research-based activities such as:

  • Competitor analysis – Knowing your competitors and how they operate allows you to differentiate from them.
  • Keyword research – what are your customers typing into search engines? Knowing this enables us to review your content and target these searches.
  • Content Planning, writing & implementation – You need thoughtful, engaging content on your website that is informative for users that ultimately brings a valuable Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Outreach and strengthening your backlink profile – We help get you published on relevant, industry-related websites that helps boost your brand reputation and website domain authority.
  • Ad creation and optimization - Creating the perfect ad that drives traffic and targets the right people that will bring value to your sales.

And much more.

As an PPC agency, we incorporate the following: 

Your unique circumstances

Every business requires insight into their unique competitive landscape. Depending on your current market and competitors, strengths and weakness and a wealth of other factors, your PPC strategy will be unique.

What are your objectives ?

In order to receive tangible results, your objectives will need to be known and the campaign will be built around key performance indicators. Making sure both companies know what we're all working towards.

Formulating a strategy

This step determines who we are targeting, how we will target them, and what role PPC will play in meeting your overall goals. 

Deploying tactics

Who should we be targetting? Where should we be focusing on and how will we meet the forecast for success. Understanding this means we're able to define cost and the success we're looking to achieve.

Kayo Digital's next steps

PPC is a collaborative process between you and the team here at Kayo Digital. We’ll work alongside you, reporting change and success. Making sure you understand what is working. What can improve and what is working.

Making sure we're successful

You’ll speak with a dedicated digital marketing specialist at least once a month to help you understand shifts and movements in your campaign. Finally, through KPI's we all know what success looks like and how we'll look to achieve it.

We test and refine

Using online paid advertising services can seem daunting, but our team has the experience and expertise to create a strong strategy that will utilize your budget and bring value to your organisation. Whilst we are looking to grow and improve the campaign.
Our team of experts strategically uses research and data analysis to ensure we help you reach your business goals, and drive growth.

Contact us today. We're Kent-based but have a national reach

Whether you’re in need to increase your brand awareness and reach or simply bring more traffic in from your target audience, Kayo Digital can assist any ambitious business located in the UK with their online paid advertising services.

To contact our creative team, call us on 01795 255 600 or fill in our contact form to discuss your business needs today.

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