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Posted 4 years ago by Kris Jeary

Working with Kayo Digital

It’s good to talk

Whether you enquire by phone or email the first thing we want to arrange is a time to visit you, to talk through your business and its goals to truly understand where we can add value.

You may have a pre-set idea of what they want for your website, this can act as an initial guide but to get the best value from us then tell us the problems, you will be hiring us to use our years of experience to find the best route to solving them, that’s what design does, it solves problems.

Making a proposal

After our initial chat we hit the books (or more often the internet) to research your company, your competitors and your target market. We are looking for opportunities and the best approach when thinking of your website architecture and content.

Once satisfied, we write up a proposal document which includes an itemised list of tasks as well as costs and delivery dates, this will act us our working document, no grey areas and everyone knows what is expected and when.

Diving deeper

If you are happy with what we propose we can move on to the next stage, more talking, this time with all stakeholders in the project.

We like to talk to anyone who will have an opinion on the website as it develops, we don’t want any surprises halfway through the website build when a, formerly unknown, director pops up from nowhere with different opinions! If we speak to all parties in the first instance then we know we are all working towards the same goals.

After these stakeholder interviews we may make additions to our proposal but these will always be highlighted and discussed.

After we have digested and written up the key points from the stakeholder interviews we can get back to data and research, armed with even more information.


Now we get to the stage where you can start seeing design in action! We start off with wireframes. You can view them as a normal web page (they are responsive so you can test on your tablet and mobile too), the difference is what is missing.

We don’t choose typefaces, colours or images, only a layout for the content. There is logic behind this! The moment aesthetic decisions are made you can’t help but focus on them, but initially we want you to focus on the content on the website and how each section flows into the other, this needs to make sense and run smoothly for our future visitors.

Adding the colour

Once we are all happy with the content and flow of the developing website we can move on to adding the atmosphere. This is where we start to add images, typefaces, refine the layout and make the experience memorable for the visitors.

We keep refining this until we are ready to launch.

Post-launch data

Once the site is launched the journey doesn’t end there. With the best will in the world we won’t have got the build 100% optimised, no amount of data or research can completely predict how visitors will interact with the website, but now we are at the stage of real data gathering.

We can see what paths visitors are taking through the website and where they might be getting lost and devise strategies for improving and maximising each visit to the website. We can also tell the pages that are working well and attracting good search engine positioning, we can then work to build it up in further.

Our research continues as well. We monitor your competitors’ websites and see where you are ranking in relation to them and where we can add new content to get ahead. We also look for keyword popularity and can suggest content that you will rank well for.

Time to chat?

Hopefully this gives you an overview of what we do, of course it is more nuanced than can be written in a reasonably sized article, it is also tailored to each of our clients, there is no copy and paste for the best websites.

We look forward to hearing from you :)

About the author

A digital designer first and business development expert second, that's the approach Kris takes with his work. Kris ran his own agency (Squiders) for 10 years before it was acquired by Kayo Digital and he became Head of Design. Born and raised in Kent, his pastimes include cricket, cricket and more cricket.

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