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Posted 2 years ago by Harry Dance

What should I ask myself before I start a web project? [Video]

In our monthly video we look to answer a popular question: What should I ask myself before I start a web project? The transcript can be found below.

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When embarking on a new website it’s important to understand your customer, what they are looking for and how they search for you.

Next, it is important to understand what you want to say to your customer, what information you want to convey and what questions they want answers to.

Once the visitor is on your site, you need to understand what the reason is for them being here, is it to find information? is it to enquire about your services? is it to buy more products? This way you can focus on the journey and getting them as quickly as possible to the reason why they are here.

Finally, you need to understand how you’re going to measure the success of your website, whether you’re just going to implement Google Analytics or other conversion tracking tools. You need to know how many enquires you had before the new website and how many enquires you had as a result of the new website. And ongoing, to future proof the website, you need these tools to help measure any activity that you do on the website and how that affects these goals.

About the author

Harry is the Digital Marketing Manager of Kayo Digital and has a passion for strategy and business growth. He’s an award-winning marketer and has experience working with a wide range of companies and business goals.

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