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Posted 2 years ago by Harry Dance

What happens when people can’t come to your store?

The simple answer to this, is they go online.

Since the coronavirus has started to wreak havoc throughout the world, we have seen the use of the internet increase by up to 30% in some areas. And this has had a positive impact on e-commerce websites.

This doesn’t mean they go to Google (other search engines are available) type in your brand name and the product they want.

Unfortunately, they’re more likely to just type in the product they want to buy and go to the first listing in search.

Why is this?

Because, whilst you’re used to people coming to you “offline” looking to experience your brand that’s no longer a priority; they’re looking for convenience [and to stay away from people]. This simply means they want to spend as little time as possible buying the product and typing your brand may be one too many characters to deal with.

Where does this leave us?

This means that the companies who flourish in these challenging times will take the brave step and pivot their marketing spend towards digital means; even if it’s in the short term.

The two Digital Marketing services I recommend are SEO (search engine optimization (i.e. how you appear in the search for certain terms)) and each engine paid advertising. Both mediums will help you get in front of your current audience and a new one.

Yes, there is no denying times may become very tough for a lot of us but if you can pivot your marketing - pivot now.

Looking for a new SEO agency in Kent, London or further afield? Perhaps you require ecommerce website development and design. We can help. If you would like to understand more please do contact us using our contact form.

About the author

Harry is the Digital Marketing Manager of Kayo Digital and has a passion for strategy and business growth. He’s an award-winning marketer and has experience working with a wide range of companies and business goals.

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