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Posted 3 years ago by Richard Pilton

Key digital technologies to explore

As part of our series of blogs chronicling our recent white paper, we’re looking at three of the most common digital technology issues we help clients with.

1. Bespoke website design

A website is the front door to any organisation, but any organisation who sees this as its only function is doing a disservice to the power of a successful site.

Think of website as your digital Business Development Manager (BDM). If you compare a salary for a BDM, including travel, holiday, expenses, lead generation services and business cards, with your budget for a new or refreshed website, it quickly becomes clear that you need to invest well in order to reap the rewards of a website that can properly generate new business.

Also think very carefully about the functions you want your site to deliver. For some businesses, their website will act as a brochure to help drive sales, for others it will be an eCommerce hub. The design and functionality of your website needs to reflect this.

Whatever function a businesses’ site is fulfilling, it is vital to make sure it is constantly optimised to evolve with your business. Those businesses who invest in a new website and then don’t monitor trends and analytics, or regularly update content, will not be maximising their investment, or getting the most out of their new site.

To find out more about how digital technology can aid business growth, download our white paper here.

2. Bespoke mobile app

Apps continue to grow in popularity. In a world where convenience is king they are a great way for consumers to easily access services they use regularly. However, just because they are popular, doesn’t mean they are right for every business.

They are a really useful tool for repeat customers as they can massively improve the customer journey and experience. They’re also a great marketing channel, as can be used to push out information to users, something which is incredibly important in a post GDPR landscape.

However, an app will not attract people to your business. It can’t and should not replace an eCommerce website, although it can compliment one.

3. Bespoke software

The way a business delivers its services is usually at least in part unique. While generic software solutions can work well in some areas such as accounting or payroll, for other areas, trying to find an off the shelf technology solution to suit your specific needs can be challenging.

Time and again we see organisations purchase a solution they think is best for them, but then have to shoehorn their processes and operations to suit it. In reality the opposite approach should be taken. Your digital technology solutions should be built to suit your needs, not vice versa.

This is especially true when it comes to eCommerce platforms. People expect an Amazon level of service and content, but most off the shelf eCommerce platforms such as Shopify or Magento can’t deliver this. However, by working with the right partner, it is perfectly possible to customise these platforms to deliver the flexibility needed to succeed.  

About the author

Richard is a director of Kayo Digital and has a passion for the software industry. With over fifteen years experience in the industry, Richard has accumulated a wide range of technical knowledge and skills working for companies including Shell, Investors in People and G4S.

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